The Clinic Series 7

the final season


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These videos are taken from episode 3 of the final series of The Clinic.

In it Dan (Dominic Mafham), having had the charge of murder dropped by the police, has still to face the Medical Council for negligence, as he appeared to have either contributed to a man’s death, or at least - left him to die.

The man in question was Niall Boylan, the man who mowed down and killed Dan’s partner Cathy, and their unborn baby daughter.

If the hearing finds Dan guilty - he loses his right to practice as a surgeon and his career is over...

The first video is a condensed version of under 10 minutes. The ones after are also shortened versions of the episode, but showing Dan’s story from beginning to end.

PART 4   (5 minutes)

PART 3   (7 minutes)

PART 2   (6 minutes)

PART 1  (10 minutes)

The Hearing - 10 minute edited sequence